The Entertainment Revolution is IMMINENT…..iCulture is abbreviated for iNSPRED Culture.  iCulture Radio is a facet of the platform that is ‘Expanding Culture at the Intersection of Ministry and Industry’ by impacting, influencing, igniting and inspiring the culture that exists between the entertainment and ministry that appeals to urban audiences.

iCulture Radio is a media property of iNSPIRED Lifestyle Arts & Entertainment Alliance (iLAEA)—a professional association

iCulture is a movement aimed at exposing urban inspired/faith-driven consumers to alternative formats of arts, entertainment, and music that is culturally relevant and executed in excellence.  More specifically iLAEA seeks to make the connection between industry and ministry.   Instead of merely having church (in a traditional sense) or hosting an entertainment related concert or event, iCulture is making the everyday accessible through the filter and perspective of urban lifestyle.

iCulture Radio is an one-hour daily broadcast that presents NSPiRED lifestyle conversations with professionals and subject matter experts combined with the best music (hip hop, jazz, reggae, reggae ton, neo-soul, R&P, spoken word, comedy), and film and theater content in a discussion/music format.

The show will feature various guest hosts and DJs, however, the staple host of the show is an aspiring artists and 25-year old youth ministry professional Ric Blak, and your very own Executive Producer Ursula D.

Each week the show focuses on topics that are cultural influencers such as arts, business, comedy, education, economy/finance, fashion & design, film, music, politics/government, spoken word, sports, technology, and theater, etc.

Additionally, to engage and empower iCulture Radio listeners we implement a Listener Support Campaign, “1 Minute or End It” to allow the audience by Facebook or Twitter page voting, to select up to 3 songs weekly they deem as worthy to be added to the playlist each week.


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