Lecrae Wins Best Gospel @ 2013 GRAMMY’S

He’s done it again…and this time it counts in a big way!  Lecrae Moore, the always overcoming; violently peaceful; and humble destroyer of all things that stand between the man and his destiny, has triumphed amidst all the mainstream doubters.

On Sunday night, February 11, 2013 in the City of Angels, Lecrae championed over his Traditional and Contemporary Gospel Music counterparts to win the category.

It is indeed a sweet sweet victory for the Urban Inspirational Movement, however, there is yet more work to be done within the Christian Rap Genre in order to be distinctly recognized as a part of the Hip Hop Culture/Rap music and not just Gospel.

You see, although the lyrics of these songs align with a Gospel message, the music is clearly cultural, and therefore should be categorized as such and considered by all mainstream Program Directors and Music Directors for adds to their top rotations when merited by the works such as that which Lecrae and others consistently produce.

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